Verizon Wavelength Case Study

Verizon Case Study

A large enterprise customer was relocating their headquarters and needed to adjust their network. While their previous HQ was not far from the new site, they knew it was time to reassess their options, so they contacted their trusted technology advisor.

As a long time TBI partner, this technology advisor engaged their TBI Channel Manager, Ryan McKenney, and started assessing options that best fit the customer’s new needs. A recent acquisition made the company international, so global capabilities were a consideration, in addition to domestic capabilities both in the Northeast and throughout the country. Verizon was not immediately considered but after further review and the support of TBI’s Design Engineer, Verizon emerged as a top solution to consider for both their reliability and ability to offer an out-of-region solution.

Pricing was assessed, Verizon made a competitive offer and worked the construction costs into the MRR. A 10G wavelength connection was sold for just under $4,000 MRR, with a total contract value of $143,000 over 36-months. This added capacity brought the new HQ onto their growing network and laid the groundwork for datacenter expansion abroad. Additional connections will be added to the network; solutions like wireless failover, disaster recovery, SD-WAN and cloud connects are being assessed, and the customer looks forward to the reliability offered by Verizon.

This telecom partner continues to choose TBI for the exceptional service they receive from their Channel Manager and back office resources. With better visibility and support on their orders, they proactively share milestones, project timelines and more with their customers and win against their competitors time and time again.

TBI continues to set themselves apart when it comes to Verizon. With back office expertise on Verizon systems second to none, partners receive a more efficient pre and post sales experience, better pricing, exclusive SPIFFs and access to all Verizon products including wireless (with residual commissions!).

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The Customer

The Customer

An international entertainment company.

The Carrier

The Carrier

Verizon, a global leader in the delivery of cloud, security, Machine-to-Machine, mobility, and advanced communications.