Verizon SD-WAN Case Study

Verizon Case Study

A private equity firm had just acquired a division of a major national food brand. While they received all of the trucks, plants, and other assets, the IT infrastructure stayed with the food brand. With no IT infrastructure, they reached out to a TBI partner for assistance.

To ensure they could effectively solve the needs of their end user, the partner brought in TBI to help. We started by working with them to ask the end user the right questions to get a better understanding of what their challenge was and how we could solve it.

Initial conversations were focused on what apps the end user was running, and what they wanted to accomplish. However, they weren’t sure what their exact infrastructure needs were because they never aligned with the food brand’s IT staff to get that information. They did know that they were planning on using Office 365 and Salesforce heavily, so we suggested Verizon SCI for its ability to provide express routing and a secure connection to those apps.

The end user loved the concept of this solution, but wasn’t sure what their traffic requirements were. This led to deeper dives within Verizon, a company which they knew well and recognized the value of. Later down the road, they started asking more questions about network needs, and the conversation changed from cloud interconnect to capabilities for uptime and single-company management of failover. After this strategic talk, focus shifted to WAN, voice, and network solutions, specifically MPLS.

The deal turned on a dime. TBI and the partner sold the end user on an MPLS/PIP network, and an SD-WAN solution where Verizon manages the primary and secondary circuit, as well as failover. Since the end user was using several different providers to their warehouses, Verizon SD-WAN’s ability to bring multi-carrier, last-mile delivery into one architecture is what sold them.

They held off on purchasing SCI because they wanted to see analytics and trends within their network before putting money into it. However, they chose Verizon because of its redundant network and ability to turn on the capabilities they will need in the near future. Looking ahead, they may return to the partner to further explore cloud interconnects.

Verizon installed MPLS/PIP at eight locations across six states, and Cisco IWAN SD-WAN at the end user’s headquarters. Implementation went smoothly due to the expertise of Verizon’s project managers and TBI’s exemplary back office. Our operations team was able to navigate through this complex deal, bringing major enterprises together to address network, security, and other IT needs. This was crucial because the partner didn’t have a back office capable of handling this project, so they leaned heavily on ours.

The MPLS contract was signed at a total MRC of $13,153.77 over 36 months. Additionally, the SD-WAN sale closed at $1,381.51 over 36 months. Together, both deals combined for a total value of $523,270.08.

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The Customer

The Customer

A middle-market private equity firm with equity and debt investments across North America and Europe.

The Carrier

The Carrier

Verizon, a global leader in the delivery of cloud, security, Machine-to-Machine, mobility, and advanced communications.