RingCentral UCaaS Case Study

RingCentral Case Study

A web-based education company was looking to shake up their voice solution and considered both on-prem and cloud based solutions. Having a previous relationship with a large regional VAR, the customer put in a call; the VAR, immediately looped in TBI.

With a newly adopted [cloud] solutions program, the VAR knew TBI could objectively guide them by reviewing current customer pain points, determining an agnostic solution and helping source best-of-breed providers. Business challenges like opex vs. capex, availability of IT and billing chaos were reported during the initial discovery call making the value of a UCaaS solution obvious. Two vendors were identified and demos were arranged.

Through RingCentral’s Channel Harmony program, the VAR partner was armed with a RingCentral vertical-specific SME to cover the demo. With thorough research completed in advanced, RingCentral offered a customized demo that wowed the customer and swiftly addressed all concerns and objections.

The customer walked away with a single license for all their voice, conferencing, collaboration, video, fax and mobility needs along with new hardware. Because of the support provided by a RingCentral expert, the sale closed within 5 weeks, an improvement from the average 3-5 month sales cycle. More than 200 seats were sold, promo pricing was applied, and MRC totaled over $5,000 for a total contract value of $185,600.

This VAR chooses to work with TBI for the support offered from the beginning. Regional channel managers and Solution Engineers aid in identifying the correct course of action and provide immediate resources and education. TBI helps the partner’s sales team learn more about cloud solutions in the process so they can grow new revenue streams without being experts on all solutions.

Download our UCaaS playbook here to learn about the shortcuts to selling UCaaS.

The Customer

The Customer

An online education company serving students from pre-K through 12.

The Carrier

The Carrier

RingCentral, Inc. is a global provider of cloud unified communications (UCaaS) and collaboration solutions.