RingCentral Hosted VoIP Case Study

RingCentral Case Study

A surgical and physical therapy practice’s current voice provider had a limited feature set. Every time they wanted to add on to their existing services, it was too complicated and expensive. Additionally, they felt customer service was poor because they weren’t getting the service level they needed when trying to add features.

Since the partner was already handling their backup, the customer came to them for help. With limited experience in voice solutions, the partner looked to TBI for expertise. From there, TBI consulted with the partner and customer to uncover pain points and needs. After some discussion, TBI understood the customer wanted reliable customer service support and the ability to seamlessly add features to its voice services.

Without hesitation, TBI recommended RingCentral’s full-featured hosted voice offering. From there, a conversation between RingCentral’s channel manager and the customer’s director of IT was facilitated. Because of this direct communication, the customer was able to hear about the benefits of RingCentral’s full-featured solution from a person whom knew it best. After learning about the provider’s outstanding customer service and confidence in implementation, the customer was sold.

The customer purchased 50 lines of RingCentral’s full-featured hosted voice solution and 45 desk phones for its headquarters and physical therapy office. TBI’s back office turned the order around with breakneck speed, accurately generating contracts and processing the order in a timely fashion. Within two weeks, all lines and phones were installed and ready to use.

The deal closed at $2,200 MRC over 36 months, resulting in a total contract value of $79,200. Moving forward, the customer is planning to explore additional cloud solutions and the business outcomes they can provide with the partner.

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The Customer

The Customer

One of the D.C. metropolitan area’s largest surgical and physical therapy practices.

The Carrier

The Carrier

RingCentral, Inc. is a global provider of cloud unified communications and collaboration solutions.