MetTel SD-WAN Case Study

MetTel Case Study

A large steel processing company’s need for network flexibility were greater than ever. Its current environment consisted of an MPLS network using legacy T1s for voice and data between sites, and broadband services for general internet. However, this was expensive and no longer provided the performance the company needed to keep up with increasing demands.

As the current network’s renewal date neared, the steel processor’s Director of IT reached out to a TBI partner, an IT consultant whom it had formed a long-standing, successful relationship with. From there, the partner got in touch with TBI to help assess the network and determine an effective solution for the end user’s challenge.

TBI and the partner consulted with the end user to uncover what they wanted to accomplish, and they found that increased network speed and greater reliability were top priorities. MPLS was initially the desired solution, but it soon became clear that it wouldn’t be able to provide the end user with the flexibility they were looking for. After some brainstorming, we recommended MetTel’s SD-WAN because it incorporated some degree of failover, which was important to the steel processor.

MetTel provided the steel processor with one solution and resource for cloud-managed voice, data and internet access, as well as enhanced-use, dual-carrier circuits at each site. Most importantly, it layered SD-WAN on top of it all to tie everything together. This allowed the steel processor the ability to balance traffic across both circuits and prioritize it to the IBM environment in its data center. It also enabled the failover the business had come to rely on, which included voice, data and internet, and network monitoring and management for additional support. MetTel also simplified billing by rolling in existing POTS lines at each site to support fax and alarm systems.

Currently, TBI’s certified project managers are working with the partner and end user to help facilitate implementation and ensure a smooth process. We’re aiming to complete installation within the next few months so the end user can start benefiting from the flexibility to streamline its environments, prioritize application flow, and make revisions in real time.

One contract covered a variety of network services, including SD-WAN, at four locations, and closed at $5,856.86 over 36 months. The other covered the POTS implementation for a value of $693 over 36 months. Together, both contracts resulted in a total value of $235,794.96.

Shortly after signing, the end user was subject to a ransomware attack, opening up an opportunity for the partner to layer on additional security features and earn more.

Find out how SD-WAN, UCaaS and MPLS can all work together for your customers.

The Customer

The Customer

A large steel processing company with three US locations.

The Carrier

The Carrier

MetTel offers a comprehensive suite of voice and data solutions along with telecom consulting solutions.

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