MetTel POTS Case Study

MetTel Case Study

A multinational designer, developer, and manufacturer of footwear, clothing and equipment with hundreds of offices and retail stores nationwide wanted a flat rate across the country for POTS services. They were unhappy with their current provider due to poor responsiveness, and wanted to give themselves more carrier options.

Previously, this customer had worked with a TBI TEM partner on a few projects, one of which involved a cable install for a flagship store in Manhattan. Satisfied with the level of service they received, they came back to the partner to evaluate their POTS. To get a better idea of which provider would be the best fit for this job, the partner reached out to their TBI Channel Manager, Eddie Wolfe, for assistance.

After some consideration, Eddie determined MetTel to be a good fit because it could offer the nationwide flat rate the customer was looking for. From there, the carrier did a comprehensive analysis of the customer’s current POTS services and uncovered a significant cost savings opportunity. MetTel’s Vice President of Strategic Sales, Tim Hanley, then devised a flat rate against the current carrier. Once this was presented to them, the customer was sold.

Particularly, the customer liked that they could have one consistent price on one bill for POTS services across all their sites, regardless of geographic location. Additionally, they were thrilled with how MetTel’s portal gave them a centralized platform for inventory management.

MetTel’s best-of-breed POTS was ordered and installed in 125 locations across the country. A contract was signed at an MRC of $36,245.09 over 36 months, resulting in a TCV of $1,304,823.24. Since the deal closed, the customer has ordered more MetTel POTS through the partner and TBI.

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The Customer

The Customer

A multinational footwear, clothing and equipment company.

The Carrier

The Carrier

MetTel offers a comprehensive suite of voice and data solutions along with telecom consulting solutions.