CTL DIA and DSL Case Study

CenturyLink Case Study

With presence in nearly 1,500 hotels around the world, a hospitality services company was looking to reduce the cost of its telco network services and consolidate the number of carriers it was using. It issued an RFP to dozens of carriers directly. However, it also included a TBI partner because of a strong business relationship that had been built over the course of five years.

The partner and TBI’s active, weekly involvement with the customer provided them with a greater understanding and inside knowledge of their pain points and business objectives. Armed with the knowledge that the customer desired to work with a direct account team going forward, TBI worked with the partner to strategize a way to meet their requirements. Ultimately, they pursued a strategy to team with a carrier that allowed channel integration with a direct account team. They knew they had the information and insight to help a direct account team to better position itself against the competition.

TBI leveraged its strong relationship with CenturyLink to get the direct account team and partner involved. TBI brought the CenturyLink channel manager into the discussion with the direct account team to encourage channel integration with the partner. The direct account team agreed based on the value of the information TBI and the partner provided.

The customer chose CenturyLink as one of the primary winners of the RFP, and this was mainly due to the partnership it forged with TBI and its partner. The direct account team managed the pricing and contract sales cycle, and they were awarded an initial order to have their DIA and DSL services implemented in over 200 of the customer’s locations.

This opportunity resulted in a true win-win-win situation in which the customer was able to achieve their business goals working with a direct account team. TBI was able to leverage its strong relationship with CenturyLink to help the partner channel integrate the opportunity so they can still receive compensation for the sale. The deal closed at $91,200 MRC over 36 months, resulting in a total contract value of $3,283,200.

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The Customer

The Customer

A hospitality services company that provides services for hotels, resorts, and convention centers worldwide.

The Carrier

The Carrier

CTL is the third largest telecom company in the US and is recognized as a leader in network services.