Comcast Business Connectivity Case Study

Comcast Business Case Study

A large privately-owned national retailer of consumer goods and industrials sought assistance replacing their high-cost, antiquated network; they also needed to source multiple broadband connections per store with a need for high bandwidth and business continuity.

The newly installed CIO of the company had also determined that the organization was ready to retire their aging on-premise phone system and also wanted to free-up their limited IT resources from managing it. The CIO had an IT roadmap that planned for the addition of multiple cloud applications in the coming years, which would put a tremendous pressure on the network solution to deliver real-time resiliency and added bandwidth.

Given these drivers, the retailer decided to make the move to a dual broadband connection where possible (or a hybrid MPLS/broadband where it was not) and implement an over-the-top WAN solution to ensure uptime, bandwidth utilization efficiency and simplicity at the store level, all while saving money. Conveniently, adding bandwidth became a catalyst for transitioning to a hosted VOIP solution.

The CIO was familiar with TBI partner, Renodis, from a previous career, and thus chose to move forward with them as their partner in the project. Renodis offered professional project management to mitigate risk and accelerate the deployment of the customers new solutions.

Renodis and TBI worked together to source connectivity options. Working with John Kantaris, Partner Sales Manager at Comcast, Renodis selected Comcast as a dependable solution capable of meeting their adjustable bandwidth needs but also based on its reliability, top-of-the-line infrastructure and dedicated channel team.

TBI’s reputation as a strong service-focused technology services distributor was leveraged to assist Renodis in rapidly sourcing broadband providers at competitive prices. TBI also offered architectural consultation where problematic stores existed.

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The Customer

The Customer

A large privately-owned national retailer of consumer goods and industrials.

The Carrier

The Carrier

Comcast Business is a full service solution providers offering business Internet, Ethernet, voice and cable.