AT&T Network Case Study

AT&T Case Study

A US-based independent insurance agency with 20 offices was displeased with its existing MPLS network provider due to lack of customer support and scalability to handle their cloud applications. Their contract was approaching expiration, so the VP of Technology wanted to source new options with the goal of upgrading bandwidth, improving their connection to their cloud applications, and modernizing their voice solutions.

The VP of Technology turned to its long-time technology consultant, a TBI partner who has worked with the client for several years. Top priorities for the new solution included carrier consolidation of their voice services, migrating their voice from TDM to SIP, and a network solution that fulfilled their bandwidth needs and provided higher quality access to multiple cloud service providers for their 20 locations. The partner engaged TBI’s Solutions Engineering team to identify a solution that fulfilled the client’s needs.

Knowing the client was looking for one provider to meet their three requirements, TBI and the partner recommended AT&T. AT&T’s MPLS solution (AVPN) gave the client the ability to upgrade the network to Ethernet for all locations, migrate their TDM voice to SIP (IP Flex), and privately connect to their several CSPs using AT&T’s Layer 3 cloud connect solution (NetBond).

A key differentiator for AT&T was their ability to interface with the existing network provider throughout the transition to AVPN, an option that no other carrier provided. Additionally, AT&T’s cloud connect solution provides a secure, scalable, and easy-to-manage connection to the client’s existing O365 environment, several existing SaaS providers, and Microsoft Azure for their future IaaS and PaaS environments.

The client purchased AVPN and IP Flex for all 20 locations at an MRC of $17,500 over 36 months, resulting in $630,000 total contract value. The order was processed through TBI’s back-office and project managed by both TBI and AT&T Project Managers to ensure order milestones were achieved within SLAs.

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The Customer

The Customer

A US-based independent insurance agency.

The Carrier

The Carrier

AT&T operates one of the largest, most reliable global networks to deliver internet, private networks, voice, collaboration, security, IoT, mobility, and video solutions.