AireSpring Voice, Data and SD-WAN Case Study

AireSpring Case Study

A pain-management healthcare company was looking to revamp their existing network throughout its five locations. Their current MPLS network was not providing the speed needed to operate efficiently and overall costs were high. Adding to their pain points, the company used a manual failover, increasing down time and congesting the network.

The Office Manager turned to their technology consultant to assess existing infrastructure and provide a stronger solution. After meeting with the customer to better understand their needs and goals, the consultant engaged TBI to recommend solutions and source carrier options. Knowing increased network speed and an improved network failover were top priorities, it became apparent that SD-WAN would solve the need for prioritization and routing of EMR traffic and circuit failover requirements.

After assessing carrier options, AireSpring was recommended because of their ability to provide an all-encompassing solution at an aggressive price. A Product Engineer was brought in to provide more insight on the implementation process and how the solutions fit into the customer’s existing environment. Because of the Product Engineer’s expertise and support along with the consultant’s familiarity of the provider, the customer felt confident with their decision to bring AireSpring on to fulfill their technical needs.

AireSpring implemented DIA, voice, back-up connections over broadband and SD-WAN solutions at all five locations. Now, voice traffic can be offloaded to their DIA network and route additional traffic through software-defined networking over higher bandwidth broadband connections as needed. Plus, the customer has automated failover thanks to the SD-WAN solution, preserving uptime for a better customer experience. Overall, AireSpring saved the customer over $800 per month on IT spend under a single bill and included truck-rolls for implementation.

A contract was signed at an MRC of $4,548.35 over 36 months, resulting in a total contract value of $163,740.60. Throughout the implementation process, TBI and AireSpring have dedicated project managers actively engaged with the customer to provide status updates and properly set expectations. The consultant is also heavily involved, quarterbacking the transition from its previous carrier to AireSpring.

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The Customer

The Customer

A pain-management healthcare company.

The Carrier

The Carrier

AireSpring is an award-winning provider of Managed Connectivity and Cloud Communications solutions serving thousands of businesses nationwide.

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