The work-from-home and the work-from-anywhere movement has changed the way business data moves around us. Privafy secures this data-in-motion by delivering strong protection at three critical points: at the network gateway, to/from the cloud, and on any device. Instead of costly, complex hardware and software, Privafy uses patented, cloud-based technology that can be deployed anywhere in minutes for end-to-end protection. Become a security hero for your customers with affordable, comprehensive and flexible Privafy.

  • Monthly recurring revenue vs. large capital expenditures
  • Deploys in minutes. No security expertise required
  • Complete solution includes firewall, IDS/IPS, VPN encryption, DoS protection, and more
  • Hosted PartnerCentral model gives provides MSPs/MSSPs, VARS, etc. complete control
  • Easily manage and monitor security incidents and events and orchestrate security responses from any device through a browser-based dashboard

Privafy Core Solutions


All Privafy products are managed and monitored through the PrivafyCentral, a web-based dashboard full SIEM, SOAR, and APIintegration.


A cloud-based service that protects data between cloud applications, networks, and devices.


AppEdge is client-based security software that can be easily downloaded to any fixed or mobile device (incl. desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones) for endpoint protection.


NetEdge is a powerful network security solution that sits at the network edge and protects data to and from the network.


CarrierEdge (designed for MSPs, MSSPs, ISPs, and carriers) is a multitenant, full-stack security solution that can be hosted in a cloud environment and delivered to enterprises and consumers as a service.

Privafy Contact

Kathleen Goodwin