Solving customer challenges with the best technology solutions.

Easily connect. TBI puts all the big names plus cutting-edge, niche suppliers in front of you. Focus on solutions that solve business challenges while we manage carrier affiliations. Our long-standing relationships, industry connections and volume commitments allow for well thought out contracts and highly-vetted supplier technologies, facilitating your success.

We built our reputation on integrity. That means doing our due diligence in selecting suppliers. We’re not about pushing the newest technologies, but delivering solutions that make sense for where your business is heading.

Cloud. Voice. Data. Network. Managed Services. Expense Management.
Get the solutions you need from suppliers you can trust.
We did the work to make sure of it.

The Vetting Process

Evaluate suppliers’ geographic footprint

Analyze financial state and long-term profitability

Thoroughly research brand reputation and performance

Determine potential to scale with volume

Identify position within Gartner’s Magic Quadrant

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